10,000 Views for "Latina Lady" on YouTube!

Slow Sunrise would like to thank everyone for your support in reaching 10,000 views on Youtube with the Latina Lady video!

We appreciate every single view!

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Live Video Clip Playing Santana's "Gypsy Queen"...and We Hit 1,000 Likes!

I heard a great coach once say that it's important to celebrate your victories both big and small, so we're doing a little celebrating for the packed out gig at Ciao Italia and for reaching 1,000 Likes on Facebook!  Thanks to everyone who came out to the show.  We hope you had as much fun as we did. On another note, we're also grateful for your support on Facebook!  We truly appreciate your feedback and support.  You give the sun fuel to rise! Te quieremos! Here's a great live video clip highlighting our drummers: Hector Herrera on drums and Luigi Cilloniz on percussion as we cover Santana's "Gypsy Queen"!

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Final Lyric Video from our debut CD: "Come to School"

Well, we've come to the last lyric video for our debut CD and we're excited to finally have them all on YouTube for you to enjoy any time!  This last song is called "Come to School" and it has an upbeat, dance-heavy groove with some Depeche Mode influence.  If you like to dance and have a good time, you'll love this song!

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New Lyric Video for "She Makes Me Reconsider"

Sit back and relax while you enjoy the smooth sounds of our latest lyric video "She Makes Me Reconsider". This song sounds like a mix between the sexy sounds of Sade, the thoughtful words of Sting, and the smoothness of Seal (gotta love those one name artists!).

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New Lyric Video for "Way It Is With You"

Slow Sunrise is proud to present to you our newest Lyric video called "Way It Is With You"!

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Announcement: Lyric Video Rollout and Free Downloads!

Lyric Video Rollout!

Slow Sunrise YouTube page The success of the Latina Lady video continues to grow with almost 8,000 views already!  However, we still don’t have all the songs from the CD on Youtube yet, so it’s time to make it happen. Starting this week, we will be releasing one new lyric video for the next three weeks. Also, as each new video is released we will be offering the song from the video as a free download exclusively to our mailing list familia! If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list to become part of the Familia, you can do so here: Slow Sunrise VIP Club/Familia This week’s song will be #3 on the CD titled: “Way It Is With You”. We will release the video and give you the free download on Wednesday!

More News

Since this is still a relatively new band, we are still in the process of learning and writing new material. We went “underground” for several weeks recently in order to build up our live song set list and we’re super excited about it! We are ready to book some new shows with a repertoire of originals and cover songs including music by Santana, Prince, SRV, Stevie Wonder, Maná, Sade, Bob Marley, and much more! If you have any connections with venue owners or managers where we can book a show, let us know! Thanks for being part of the familia! Un fuerte abrazo, Sol Rodriguez Slow Sunrise P.S.  Help us get to 8,000 views for Latina Lady by clicking on this link!

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Official Lyric Video for "Got the Feeling It's On"

We are proud to announce the Official Lyric Video for song #6 on the Slow sunrise CD: "Got the Feeling It's On".  Enjoy!

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New Slow Sunrise Video! "Talk to My Angel" Official Lyric Video!

We are proud to announce a new lyric video from Slow Sunrise for song #7 on the CD: "Talk to My Angel".  I absolutely love the way this video came out!  Hope you can appreciate and enjoy it as well.

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Ray Ray Salas KHDC 90.9FM Slow Sunrise Interview 02-27-14

Thanks to Ray Ray Salas for a cool interview on KHDC 90.9FM  in Salinas, CA!

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Latina Lady Official Video

Download Latina Lady free!

We wrote this song with love and appreciation for the Latinas in our lives, and we simply hope it brings you and your family as much joy as it does ours. Please enjoy this musical tribute and celebration for free by listening above or signing up for the free download. 🙂 This song takes you back to the good old days when men courted women with respect and young people looked upon their elders with esteem. Music like this was made for Sunday cruising with familia. Sounds like: Malo, Santana, Tierra, El Chicano

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