Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs!

Hey there friends, family, and fans!  It’s been a long trying summer, but rest assured, we have not been sitting around doing nothing…most of the time, lol!

After taking a break from gigging in order to write and record some new music, I have to admit, we had a few things come up that slowed us down.  First off, Luigi, our percussion player who had a heart transplant last year, got really sick and has been dealing with some serious health issues.  On top of that, I (Sol) broke my hand playing soccer!  I know.., you don’t even use your hands in soccer, lol!  Well, I took a good spill at the edge of the grass onto the concrete and ended up breaking my hand instead of “Breaking the Floor“!  Fortunately, we are both healing and will be back to rock out live soon.

On the positive side, we’re ecstatic about the continued success of Latina Lady on YouTube!  We recently hit 14,000 views!  Altogether, the band members only know a fraction of that many people, so it is incredibly exciting to see it continuing to grow organically!

Finally, I’m most excited to share that we have 10 new songs written for a new CD!  We still have a lot of work to do as far as recording and producing it, but these songs are amazing!  They are some of the best songs I’ve ever written!  When I write music, I tend to write songs that sound like something that I wish already existed.  For example, the goal on the first CD was to create a sound that was reminiscent of Santana meets Depeche Mode because I thought it would sound cool to have Santana-like lead guitar over dancy, dark beats.  With this new one, I’ve been wanting to hear what it would sound like if you mixed Santana and Pink Floyd!  Well, let me tell you that I think it sounds amazing!  The mix creates moody sonic textures with soulful lead guitar (think “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” meets “Moonflower”) and sensual rhythms with equally sensual melodies (think “Batuka” meets “The Great Gig in the Sky”)!  I can’t wait to finish this thing!

Looking forward to sharing it all with you and meeting so many of you new fans from the internet at some of our live shows!  Until then…!