Slow Sunrise Added to 11 New Radio Stations!

Friends and familia, we are super excited to announce that Slow Sunrise has been added to rotation on 11 new radio stations including:

WBUL in Tampa, FL, WCNI in New London, CT, WDWN in Auburn, NY, WESN in Bloomington, IL, WHUS in Storrs, CT, WLFR in Galloway, NJ, WLJS in Jacksonville, AL, WLTL in LaGrange, IL, WMSC in Upper Montclair, NJ, WMCO in New Concord, OH, and KTUH in Honolulu, HI!!

Looks like the East Coast and Mid West know good music!  Thanks for the continued support!  We’re still just getting started! 🙂

Slow Sunrise on radio