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Live @ Slam Dunk in Whittier Sat. April 11

Ok folks, we are dedicating this show to help a local artist who was robbed over Easter, but we need your help!  Originally, this was “just another Slow Sunrise show”, but now it has a purpose!  Please come out and help us raise some funds for Copeland Holt, local artist.  Copeland will be “performing” live […]

Debut Video for Latina Lady Reaches 4000 Views in Week and a Half!

The Slow Sunrise Official Launch party was a great way to start the New Year with this new band, but the response to our first real video has been beyond what we imagined! Not only did we get almost 2000 views on the first day, but we were up to 4000 by a week and […]

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Official (Private) Announcement

Hello friends and family!  It’s been a long time coming, but today I am proud to (privately) announce the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  I have started a new musical project called Slow Sunrise, and I have put every ounce of my heart and soul into the debut CD also called Slow […]

The Cat is Almost Out of the Bag…

Hi friends!  As some of you have discovered, the CD is done and is available to listen to in it’s entirety here on the web site and also on Facebook.  I haven’t officially announced anything yet because I am busy preparing the live show for a big CD release party!!! That being said, I want […]

Hello world!

Every blog needs a welcoming “Hello World!” post.  We are excited about this new website and are looking forward to sharing our joys and triumphs and trials and tribulations with you!  Thanks for stopping by!