Announcement: Lyric Video Rollout and Free Downloads!

Lyric Video Rollout!

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The success of the Latina Lady video continues to grow with almost 8,000 views already!  However, we still don’t have all the songs from the CD on Youtube yet, so it’s time to make it happen. Starting this week, we will be releasing one new lyric video for the next three weeks. Also, as each new video is released we will be offering the song from the video as a free download exclusively to our mailing list familia! If you haven’t signed up for the mailing list to become part of the Familia, you can do so here: Slow Sunrise VIP Club/Familia

This week’s song will be #3 on the CD titled: “Way It Is With You”. We will release the video and give you the free download on Wednesday!

More News

Since this is still a relatively new band, we are still in the process of learning and writing new material. We went “underground” for several weeks recently in order to build up our live song set list and we’re super excited about it! We are ready to book some new shows with a repertoire of originals and cover songs including music by Santana, Prince, SRV, Stevie Wonder, Maná, Sade, Bob Marley, and much more! If you have any connections with venue owners or managers where we can book a show, let us know!

Thanks for being part of the familia!

Un fuerte abrazo,

Sol Rodriguez
Slow Sunrise

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