• Progress On the New CD!

    I know it’s been a while since our last post, but I’m happy to announce that we are making good progress on the second Slow Sunrise CD!  No exact release date yet, but we have 10 new songs that we are extremely proud of. This sophomore release leans more toward the organic side and leaves […]

  • Trials, Tribulations, and Triumphs!

    Hey there friends, family, and fans!  It’s been a long trying summer, but rest assured, we have not been sitting around doing nothing…most of the time, lol! After taking a break from gigging in order to write and record some new music, I have to admit, we had a few things come up that slowed […]

  • Live @ Sportsman Cocktail Lounge in La Mirada Sat, May 23

    Come join us for another night of good music and good times at a new venue: the Sportsman Cocktail Lounge in La Mirada, Sat, May 23rd!

  • Live @ Slam Dunk in Whittier Sat. April 11

    Ok folks, we are dedicating this show to help a local artist who was robbed over Easter, but we need your help!  Originally, this was “just another Slow Sunrise show”, but now it has a purpose!  Please come out and help us raise some funds for Copeland Holt, local artist.  Copeland will be “performing” live […]

  • Feeling Generous…Just Because!

    We recently started receiving airplay on internet radio site for our songs “Got the Feeling It’s On” and “She Makes Me Reconsider” and new fans have been coming onboard in droves from all over the world!  I don’t think I realized how popular these songs could be! With our new warm and fuzzy feeling, […]