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  • Slow Sunrise Interview on Gemrico Radio!

    Special thanks to Wilfredo Rodriguez at Gemrico Radio for a great interview on Friday, April 11th.  Gemrico Radio highlights the “Hottest Indie Music on the Planet” to a listening audience of over 11,000 people, and we are honored to be a part of it!  You can find their website here: www.gemricoradiowebcast.com or listen to the […]

  • Slow Sunrise Added to 11 New Radio Stations!

    Friends and familia, we are super excited to announce that Slow Sunrise has been added to rotation on 11 new radio stations including: WBUL in Tampa, FL, WCNI in New London, CT, WDWN in Auburn, NY, WESN in Bloomington, IL, WHUS in Storrs, CT, WLFR in Galloway, NJ, WLJS in Jacksonville, AL, WLTL in LaGrange, […]

  • Official Lyric Video for “Got the Feeling It’s On”

    We are proud to announce the Official Lyric Video for song #6 on the Slow sunrise CD: “Got the Feeling It’s On”.  Enjoy!

  • New Slow Sunrise Video! “Talk to My Angel” Official Lyric Video!

    We are proud to announce a new lyric video from Slow Sunrise for song #7 on the CD: “Talk to My Angel”.  I absolutely love the way this video came out!  Hope you can appreciate and enjoy it as well.

  • Event: Slow Sunrise Live 4/05/2014 and Video Shoot for “Break the Floor”

    Come join us for a special Slow Sunrise night of live music and be part of the magic by helping us film for our upcoming video!   The more camera styles and angles the better!  Ever wanted to star in a video?  Get dressed up and join us on the dance floor!  We will be […]