• Live @ Slam Dunk in Whittier Sat. April 11

    Ok folks, we are dedicating this show to help a local artist who was robbed over Easter, but we need your help!  Originally, this was “just another Slow Sunrise show”, but now it has a purpose!  Please come out and help us raise some funds for Copeland Holt, local artist.  Copeland will be “performing” live […]

  • Feeling Generous…Just Because!

    We recently started receiving airplay on internet radio site for our songs “Got the Feeling It’s On” and “She Makes Me Reconsider” and new fans have been coming onboard in droves from all over the world!  I don’t think I realized how popular these songs could be! With our new warm and fuzzy feeling, […]

  • We Got a “Shout Out” from

    Frankie Firme, contributing editor at, was kind enough to write some nice words about a recent performance where he saw us play. “Besides the dazzling show put on by the veteran artists, newcomer Sol Rodriguez drew some impressive ‘wows’ from the crowd as he & The Slow Sunrise Band hit a nerve as Sol […]

  • Spring 2015

    We had a blast the last few months doing the residency at the Radisson, but we’re shifting gears this Spring and focusing on recording new material for our next CD!  In the meantime, we were honored to recently participate in a charity event raising funds for veteran Chicano musician, Sam Luna, and his family as […]

  • Last Night at the Radisson

    This Friday, Feb 27th is the last night of our residency at the Radisson.  If you haven’t made it to a show yet, this is it before we take a break and go back into the studio!  You’ve heard about it.., now come see for yourself!  We’ll be adding 2 new songs and giving away […]