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  • Entrevista En El Nuevo: CentroDeNoticias.info

    Para mi gente que habla Español, tenemos una nueva entrevista!  Hice una larga entrevista para el nuevo sitio que se llama CentroDeNoticias.info: Periodismo Alternativo.  Mi amigo nuevo, Leo Ramirez, me hizo algunas preguntas muy buenas!  Espero que ustedes puedan verla como una pequeña ventana a nuestros corazones musicales! Click here: Entrevista exclusiva con Sol Rodriguez conversando sobre su nuevo […]

  • Final Lyric Video from our debut CD: “Come to School”

    Well, we’ve come to the last lyric video for our debut CD and we’re excited to finally have them all on YouTube for you to enjoy any time!  This last song is called “Come to School” and it has an upbeat, dance-heavy groove with some Depeche Mode influence.  If you like to dance and have […]

  • New Lyric Video for “She Makes Me Reconsider”

    Sit back and relax while you enjoy the smooth sounds of our latest lyric video “She Makes Me Reconsider”. This song sounds like a mix between the sexy sounds of Sade, the thoughtful words of Sting, and the smoothness of Seal (gotta love those one name artists!).

  • We’re Celebrating: Latina Lady Hits 8,000 YouTube Views!

    We just wanted to share the joy and excitement with you and to say thank you again for all your support!  We love you! If you haven’t seen it in a while, you can see it again here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-p6dtI25k4

  • New Lyric Video for “Way It Is With You”

    Slow Sunrise is proud to present to you our newest Lyric video called “Way It Is With You”!